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Monday, September 30, 2013

From: The Tooth
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Yo UG, as a wedding gift to Chris I told him I’d quit just reading the forums everyday and actually contribute, so…

I roll with the Mendes Brothers at Art of Jiu Jitsu, in Costa Mesa, CA.

Rafael is training to defend his ADCC title [no-gi submission grappling, Oct 19, China], and to prepare for my Lauzon rematch 🙂 I’ve been rolling no-gi w/ he, Andre Glavao, Kennan Cornelius & JT Torres. 

Also in the tourney are Dong Hyun Kim, Rousimar Palhares, Vinny Magalhaes, Fabricio Werdum, Braulio Estima — Google the list.

Anyhow, for obvious reasons the guys are not allowing any video of the sessions, but I’ve gotten them to come off some cool clips. Got some of Rafa rolling w/ Josh Thompson. Just watching he and Andre scramble is insane.

Now I’ve coerced some cool companies into pitching in some rad items for a contest.

CONTEST: Post your questions for the guys. The best 10 questions win randomly from the swag box, including
• 2 signed Art of Jiu Jitsu shirts
• 1 (XXL) 2003 Eddie Bravo ADCC shirt from Roots of Fight, Eddie signed
• 1 (XL) 2003 Bravo vs Gracie, Eddie signed
• 1 (XL) limited edition Academia Gracie sweatshirt, signed by Rener & Ryron
• 1 Moya hat
• 2 BJ Penn Shirts from RVCA
• 1 Vitor Belfot Shirt from RVCA, foto by Ryan Loco
• 1 Signed Tooth vs Lauzon shirt (only 10 made)

I will post the complete video featuring the sparring and the questions exclusively on the UG, prob in 2 weeks. From the video you’ll see who won.

DISCLAIMER: I will no doubt f*** something up. Count on it. How? Only time will tell. But Chris is right, I’m on here every day, and you guys are always so cool at the fights and jiu jit tourneys, so here we go.

Gui Mendes w/ DW

Gui Mendes, JT Torres, Andre Galvao, Rafa Mendes (L-R)