Nicole Gaza on fighting boys and nip slips

Tuesday, January 29, 2013’s Eric Holden caught up with 20-year-old former Tuff-N-Uff  flyweight champion ‘Ninja Princess’ Jordan Nicole Gaza.

Gaza fights Kathina Catron on Feb. 1 at XFL – Xtreme Fight Night 11: Road To Glory in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Eric Holden: Most MMA promotions have ring girls. Do you think one of them should change it up by having ring boys? Maybe a dude in a speedo, or perhaps a guy in a classy suit?

Jordan Gaza: No! I think that would be just plain weird. I don’t pay attention to them anyways during a fight, Channing Tatum could be holding a ring card for all I know. I think ring girls are more for the crowd.

EH: Invicta FC 4 featured several memorable wardrobe malfunctions. Leslie Smith famously had a nip slip, and Alexis Davis’ thong popped out. Do you do anything special to prevent a wardrobe malfunction from happening in one of your fights?

JG: I usually wear two bras to prevent my little boobs from slipping out. As far as my shorts or skirt, I just take the risk. Nothing has happened yet! Knock on wood.

EH: Invicta’s Ediane Gomes once fought a man in Brazil. Do you think there will ever come a time when it won’t be taboo for men and women to fight each other in the cage?

JG: Ah! I pray to God there will never come to a time like that.

Girl Fights Guy by rioheroes

EH. Female MMA stars like Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano both posed nude for ESPN the Magazine. You seem to be following in their footsteps by using sex appeal to enhance your career. Would you ever consider posing nude?

JG: Plenty of female MMA fighters use sex appeal to enhance their careers. I’m just a confident person though, so it doesn’t phase me. If the time and the money was right then yes I would consider posing nude.

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