Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Having already compiled an impressive mixed martial arts record of 10-2, Noons may be the only fighter who also sports a similar professional boxing record (11-2, 5 KOs).

“I would love to welcome Pacquiao into MMA,” said Noons. “It would be an ideal situation for him because I don’t take guys down to the ground, and after that’s all said and done in the cage, I would be willing to step inside of the ring with him too, something we all knew Randy Couture wouldn’t do with James Toney.”

Noons also said he’d welcome a boxing match with Pacquiao’s nemesis, Floyd Mayweather. “I know Floyd isn’t looking to do MMA, but I would still be willing to fight Mayweather and Pacquiao in a boxing match and both camps h ave been reached, so we will see what happens … Both camps have been reached and both camps were very interested.”

Only time will tell if any of these bouts ever come to fruition, but you have to applaud Noons for his guts and willingness to fight anyone, both inside the cage and the squared circle. While some fighters, like Jeremy Williams, Francois Botha, Ray Mercer, and more recently James Toney, have actually done it, other fighters, like Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz, King Mo Lawal, and now Vitor Belfort, are eager to give it a try. It makes you wonder if it’s time for fans to realize that these two sports will co-exist.

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