Not a lot of excuses for bad judging at UFC

Monday, February 18, 2013

“Big” John McCarthy is the face of MMA officiating, and he does always like what he sees.

“Overall it is better now than it was in the past, by far,” McCarthy said on Monday’s stacked edition of The MMA Hour. “But the problem is, we have so many more shows going on. There’s a lot of things that are happening. There’s some mistakes being made.

“When it comes to the judging, the biggest thing is, judging by nature is subjective. You look at a fight and you have a guy that throws a bunch of punches. One judge — we’ll say you — is looking at it, and you’re giving him credit, saying, ‘Wow, he’s really active.’ While I’m looking at it saying, ‘He’s not connecting.’

“When you’re looking at the UFC, there’s not a whole lot of excuses. You’ve got a monitor in front of you, so [even] when you can’t see, [you can still see].

“That monitor gives them the ability to see a fight from a variety of angles, not just from the one they’re sitting at. And so there’s not a lot of excuses to say, well, I didn’t see that when it comes to the UFC.”

One place you rarely see McCarthy is in the UFC, something he attributes a long-standing feud with Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer.

“I thought he was putting some people in positions to judge fights that didn’t understand actually what the fighters were doing, and that’s wrong,” said McCarthy. “I said that and I stood by it. He got mad, and from that he has never licensed me again. And that’s okay. That’s his choice. I’m not going to cry about it and worry about it.”

McCarthy apologized publicly to Kizer and three years ago resubmitted his application for licensure. Not surprisingly, he hasn’t heard back, other than a note stating that his “application will stay on file.”

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