ONE FC announces $50,000 performance bonuses

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

ONE FC fighter Stephen Langdown recently posted news about performance bonuses coming to Asia.

From: StephenLangdown
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 Straight from ONE FC CEO Victor Cui:

The ONE Warrior Bonus

“For every event, I will award US$50,000 to the fighter who impresses me the
most in terms of:
a) thrilling the fans with exciting action,
b) demonstrating an incredible warrior spirit,
c) exhibiting amazing skill, and
d) delivering a phenomenal finish.

For every event, the bar will be very, very high. If a few fighters impress me, then I will hand out the bonus to a few fighters. If no one impresses me, then no one will get it.

Essentially a POTN bonus. Hopefully I win one in my next fight 😛

You will. I have a feeling.


If that feeling is right, I'll buy you a one year blue name. 😉