O’Neil defeats Davis, Couture upset at W-1 in Miami

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chuck O’Neil (8-4) vs. Marcus Davis (20-8)

O’Neil in yellow trunks with black trim. Davis with black trunks and white trim.

Round 1:

Both men fighting for position. O’Neil has Davis against the cage, but they switch positioning. This happens again and again. On the third exchange both men end up down and O’Neil lands in Davis half guard. O’Neil lands some shots and the round ends.

CJ Score: O’Neil-10, Davis-9

Round 2:

O’Neil lands a head high kick. Now a thigh high kick. Now a gut kick. They exchange gut kicks. O’Neil charges forward and they end up against the fence. Davis gets the sweep and ends up in O’Neil’s full guard. Davis is trying to stack. Davis stands and tries to get side control but misses the mark. Both fighters re back up. Davis lands another trip and is in O’Neil’s half guard. Davis is now bleeding. Davis stands and almost gets caught in an head-arm choke. Davis postures out and is able to land another punch before the bell.

CJ Score: O’Neil-9, Davis-10

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We are all stunned after one of the biggest upsets in women’s MMA history. In W-1 MMA’s first ever women’s bout Suzie Montero was able to upset Kim Couture via unanimous decision (29-28 x 3).

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