Oliveira would trade bonus for victory

Monday, June 27, 2011

At UFC on Versus 4, Charles Oliveira was awarded a submission victory for tapping out Nik Lentz with a rear naked choke at 1:48 of Round 2. However, the win came after what appeared to be a textbook illegal knee, that was missed by referee Chip Snider. The Pennsylvania SAC will review tape and determine whether the ruling should be overturned in favor of a “No Contest.” Below Oliveira comments on the potential change in decision.

“I didn’t realize he was still (with a knee) on the ground… At the heat of the moment, I wanted to knock him out or submit him,” Oliveira told TATAME. “The knee landed and the referee didn’t stop the fight, then I hit him again with another knee. The first one was illegal, but it didn’t hti him on the jaw, and he kept fighting, trying to take me down. The second one actually hurt him.”

“We’re just waiting,” Oliveira added. “I left that in God’s hands, but I think it won’t happen (they won’t change the result). He didn’t go out, he kept on the fight and stood up, then he felt the second knee. There’s no reason to not give me the victory.”

“I’m just waiting for the victory. If I could change the bonus for the victory, I would”.

Charles’ trainer Ericson Cardozo is confident that the result won’t change.

“It was the referee’s mistake, who didn’t stop the fight,” he said. “He should have stop the fight, give Lentz 5 minutes to rest and deduct a point from Charles, then the fight would go on”

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