One-time UFC fighter Lee Murray interviewed from prison

Friday, January 21, 2011

Alright, take us through a day in the life of Lee Murray inside a Moroccan prison, from the moment you wake up until you rest your head at night.

Hahaha…OK. Wake up about 8am,we have our own hob to cook food on so I make some breakfast, usually oats, fruit yogurt and protein shake, then 9:30am the door opens to go out to the yard so I usually do some cardio, interval training with sprints and stuff, train for about a one hour, then go back to the room and have a carb and protein drink, then i heat a big saucepan of water and tip it into a bucket a go into the toilet room to have a shower if that’s what u want to call it. I use a pot to scoop the water out the bucket to tip over me, when I finish I have something to eat again, something light. The door closes again at 11am, I sleep a little, then the door opens at 2:30pm, there’s a guy here who was a kickboxing champion Zakaria Moussaoui. Me and him do some Thai training, pad work sparring or kettle-bells, then at 5pm the door closes again till the morning. I have something to eat at 6pm, then i pass some time by reading some books or mags, watch some DVDs, UFC, movies. I see a great porno of Tito’s wife getting the life f***** out of her by a bunch of dudes. That was pretty fun…not for him i bet 🙂 Then at 10pm I eat again and about 1-2am i sleep. It’s not too bad. Not the first three years four months I done by myself in solitary confinement. I didn’t see no one. It was a f***** hole with rats & s*** coming out the hole u piss in It’s not a prob when you piss, it’s a prob when you have to squat over it to take a s***, praying a rat don’t jump out and grab your balls 🙂
How comfortable are the facilities there?

There’s 23 people in the room at the moment, that’s as full as it gets. The room has beds for 16 people, so the rest are on the floor. Usually there’s about 18-19 which ain’t too bad when you compare it to some rooms with 50 people in a room, it’s like a gaint sardine can 🙂 I’ve seen some crazy s*** since I’ve been here. I’ve been here coming up five years now, and you can see a lot of crazy s*** in that time. Now it’s normal for me to see a guy walking around with his mouth sewn up because he refused to eat. Literally sewn up with a needle & thread!!
Do you have any special privileges?

No special s***, it’s not like US or UK. If you’re good you get special s***. This is Maghreb bro!! What you earn in a day, these guards earn in a month.

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