Ortiz: UFC didn’t want to ‘cough up’ the money for Cyborg

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

“I wanted to get it down, I tried to negotiate with Dana and make the fight happen in a four-fight deal with the UFC. They thought about it, they came back two days later and came back and said no, they want to do an eight-fight deal. There really wasn’t no direction. Either way, we tried to make the (Rousey) fight happen and let Cris control her own fate. The UFC said we will sign her and see what happens. Who can accept that? Plus, he wasn’t offering her what she really deserved as the other half of the super fight. As we control her fate, she wins the (Invicta) belt; she has a stronger reorganization for what her value is.

Why shouldn’t she benefit like Ronda in the UFC and from the fight? I think going to Invicta is the only way to make it happen. The UFC is only giving her one weight to make and that’s 135, when she’s been fighting at 145 for her entire career. To make 135 is impossible for her.”

transcribed by MMAMania.com…