Owner claims Gym Rescue ruined gym

Friday, August 08, 2014

When the first trailer for Gym Rescue was released, the hardcore fanbase had two reactions: A. That looks kinda dumb; and B. The glasses tossing shove looks like a work.  Now, Craig Marks, the glasses-tossing, Shamrock-shoving former owner of T3 Health & Fitness, say the show ruined his gym. Marks cited thousands of dollars in fines for improperly done renovations, loss of key clients, and mold so bad it forced him to move locations, as principal causes in why his business went under. And he said the shoving was about the only unscripted thing on the show.

Frank Shamrock said that Craig was offered valuable business advice, and that while Craig was admirably passionate about his business, a lack of business expertise is what brought him into bankruptcy.

Seth Falvo has the story for CagePotato.

“The entire ordeal was supposed to be fun and beneficial,” said Marks. “It was to the production company. To us, it was a disaster and we have had to start our business over from scratch.”

“We were told how to dress, what to wear, what to say. I was even told not to shave my hair, as I usually do every two days, because it would make me look ‘more vulnerable’ on camera.”

“(Frank Shamrock) was a narcissistic a–hole from the get-go and kept flirting with my wife, even texting her after one night of shooting to come join him in the jacuzzi at his hotel.”

“All renovations made to the fitness studio were done without one single permit being pulled from the City of Cooper City. Fines issued were in the thousands and left to the responsibility of the unknowing owners.”

“The owners had supplies and equipment stolen and thrown away. According to the chief building inspector, the renovation work was ‘unlike anything I’ve witnessed in 30 years on the job, horrible.’ The relocated stairway was not up to code and extremely dangerous. They converted the upstairs loft into an office and yoga area even though that space was zoned for storage only. The drywall removed and then put back was coated with mold.”

While Shamrock vehemently denied that he was ever flirting with Craig’s wife, he was not surprised that Marks had made unflattering comments about him. “My role was to go in there and call him on his craziness,” said Shamrock, “and he didn’t take that very well.”

“At the end of the day, we’re just helping other people help their communities.”

“Seeing a gym go from near failure to ‘they have a shot if they keep going’ — that’s why I’m doing this. Just for that payoff. If we make the gym a better place for the two hundred, three hundred members there, their lives are going to be better, they’re going to feel better and the community is going to be better.”

“Before that, I’m beating the heck out of people.”

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