Palhares: Dana White, I am asking for your forgiveness

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rousimar Palhares released a video explaining the circumstances around the heel hook on Mile Pierce at UFN 29 that has apparently ended his career in the UFC.

“My goal has always been this – for to win as clean as possible in the fight, the fight for me is my life,” said Palhares. “This kind of news makes us be a little thoughtful about how we must fight, because I’ve been through so many things. I came here in Rio de Jabeiro, fought, fought, and worked hard to get where I am, and how I was created, my mother and father, how they raised me, the kind of conduct which I was raised.

“About the fight, since he had already defended the leg lock, in a  position that I went, which is the heel hook, he defended well, his work was well done, so I had to be more precise in the next attack, and get into the position in a different way. When I entered the position he held in the cage trying not to fall, and then the referee went there to take off his hand.

“When the referee took his hand off, it was precisely the time that I was turning to pick up the foot and heel. When I finished spinning, the referee was able to take (Pierce’s) hand off the fence and he fell. When he sat down, the referee had to go to the other side, and that transition took two seconds. It was the two seconds that caused the misunderstanding.  The referee stepped in front and he kept tapping out on the back of the referee, not on me.”

“I only saw that on the tape, I did not see it at fight time. The only thing I saw was the referee coming down on me, understood?

“Even Mike Pierce if he is listening to this message, this conversation that I’m having here, I think he could tell if he really felt that I was being mean, cruel. I’m pretty sure he knows I did not do anything to hurt him. I just wanted to ensure my victory. Everyone who knows me knows that I would never do such a thing to harm any athlete, because I’m a guy who trains a lit, who battles of this. My life is just train, eat, and sleep. My life is dedicated to this purpose, to be considered one of the best here in Brazil, and possibly the world. This is what I’ve been trying to do, without going over anyone, without harming anyone, even by my own conduct, because who knows me knows that, I would never do any kind of unsportsmanlike attitude, to harm my opponent, my fellow worker.

“I did not feel the guy tapping out. If I had felt (the tap out) I would have released it. I certainly would not hurt him, because you only need to give the guy three taps out, and it does not require more than that.

“In the fight, I only wanted to win the fight, I do not want to kill my opponent, I just want to win. I will not stop running after my dream. I worked hard to get here and I will continue working, you know? I have faith in God that it will all become clear, and (what) I have inside my heart is clean. My mind is clear, I did not do anything to go against the sport.

“If my family became aware of such a thing, my mother will get so sad, because she did not raise me that way. She knows how she raised me and see that even her will get so sad.

“So, I’m really upset with this, with this situation.

“Dana White, if you think my attitude was not positive inside the Octagon, I ask you with an open-hearted man, that you forgive me, I’m sorry, okay? Because this was not my intention.

“But I respect the decision of the UFC and Dana White. So what you decide, for me, is decide it