Palhares visits children’s cancer ward

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rousimar Palhares bears scars. Here is the story of the scar on his chest.

“My childhood was a lot of work,” Palhares begins. “From sunup until sundown, with my elder brothers and parents, we woke up at 4 a.m. and worked until 5 p.m. We took care of cattle, and we cleaned the plantations … There were times that money was so tight that we had to eat animal feed. We would eat the feed that we gave the pigs … t was a very bad time, and I don’t like to talk about it … I was driving a cattle cart, and it got stuck, and I fell on a cut coffee tree. The fall opened a deep gash in my chest. We were far away from town, and there was no way I could get stitches. The only thing we could do was use Scotch tape to close the gash and help it heal.”

That childhood may left a few scars on his personality too, as testified by some occasionally unfortunate behavior on the mat and the cage. But yesterday he showed a side that will not get much attention, but is telling too.

Days after submitting Mike Massenzio at UFC Rio, Rousimar Palhares has one more thing to show. This time, solidarity. Along with MMA great Murilo Bustamante, Palhares visited the Support Group for Children and Adolescents with Cancer (GRAACC) and spent a few hours having fun with the kids.

“It was very special,” Plahers said. “Caring is not enough for all who are there. Causing a smile and maybe giving extra motivation for the children who are already full of will to live is the least I can do. I hope GRAAC continue with this wonderful work giving support, fighting and beating childhood cancer.”

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