Pat Barry: You can’t trust anyone to just strike in MMA

Friday, May 02, 2014

Pat Barry @HypeOrDie
100% striking, find one person who doesn't like that…if you do, they're an alien, remove them!” #GLORY16

Usually top athletes from folkstyle wrestling, BJJ, kickboxing, and other combat sports move on to mixed martial arts. That was the pattern with Pat Barry, who in 2008 was making a name for himself in kickboxing – the sport was dying, so he moved on to MMA, quickly getting into the UFC.

But he always loved the hitting. Wrestling, not so much.

The recently UFC released him from him contract, and at Glory 16 in Denver on May 3 he kickboxes Zack “The Black Warrior” Mwekassa.

“My (MMA) first fight that I won with three low kicks. I didn't want to do it,” said Barry. “MMA wasn't something that I really wanted to do. Even then, I wasn't dying to get into it.”

“Even if you're in an MMA match as a striker matched up against another striker, and you both agree 'We're not going to go to the ground,' you can't trust that. Whoever is standing across from you is untrustworthy all the time, no matter what. That's what I believe.”

The unwillingness of fighters to exclusively strike in MMA, even extended to Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, who beat Barry at UFC 115, with a rear naked choke.

“That was flattering. Really, think about it,” said Barry. “That was Mirko Cro Cop, and he had to beat me by choking me. I wasn't going to go down from a punch or a kick. He had to choke me out in order to win that fight…How flattering is that?”

Now Barry knows what to expect.

“One: You can expect that I'm not going to get submitted. That's cool,” said Barry. “Two: I'm not a distance fighter. I have no intentions of going the distance, and I'm sure with all the finishes—all the knockouts and finishes that he has also—he's got no intentions of going the distance.”

“If I win a fight by decision, I personally count that as a loss on my record. If a fight goes the distance and I win, I count that as a personal loss, because that's not what I was supposed to do. I'm a finisher.”

“I needed to do MMA for the five years that I did for me to totally grasp what I'm capable of doing in kickboxing.”

“Maybe on Saturday, maybe I get punched in the head and die. I have no idea. Maybe on Saturday I get in the ring, move around, throw a kick, he blocks it then punches me in the head and I realize, 'Ahh, nope. Not for me.' And I go back to delivering pizza.”

“The goal is to be the best of all time. I'm not getting back into kickboxing because it'll be fun for a few fights. I'm coming in specifically to walk through everybody, climb my way to the top and be the best.”

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