Pat Barry recounts his greatest moment in MMA

Friday, February 15, 2013

UFC heavyweight Pat Barry was recently asked on The Underground to name his most courageous effort.

Unsurpisingly, he said it was Barry vs. Cro Cop

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Berry vs. CroCop

People still don’t know why that fight went the way it did!!!
-to much respect- F@$% OFF
-no killer instinct- F@$% OFF
-didn’t wanna beat your idol- F@$%

CroCop vs Barry
Watch it again after reading this!

Came in the most confident ever
You’re a man, I’m a man
U can go down just like anybody else
I can win this

Around minuet 3 I drop him for the second time.
My hand explodes (breaks)
I kinda panic
I also notice he didn’t fall all the way down.
He dropped to his ass and right back up
OH$#!*, that punch didn’t kill you?
But fuckit, don’t need that hand.
30 sec later I throw a right high kick
Top of my foot hits his elbow and BREAKS!
Fuckin really!!!!!! (SERIOUS PANIC)
Uhhh, move around, be cool, pokerface!
Throw hardest left LOWKICK possible.
He blocks it- FUCKIN$#!* PANIC!!!

I went from extremely confident in myself, he’s just a man,
I ain’t supposed to be here man
He’s gonna f@$%in kick me in the neck and kill me.
I’ve seen all his highlight videos.
Damn he smells nice!

3 min into round 1
Broken right hand
Broken right foot
Damaged left shin
But I still got up off the bench.
Fought him for 12 minutes with 1 hand!!!
And still he had to take me down and submit me.


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