Pat Barry to Rose Namajunas: ‘You’re the king of the f@$%*%& world’

Monday, April 08, 2013

Invicta FC has released an ‘All Angles’ profile of Rose Namajunas, before, during, and after her fight this weekend with Kathina Catron that ended with a Sub of the Year nomineee in just 12 seoconds.

“It don’t matter, as long as you put everything into it, you have no regrets,” said Namajunas. “There’s nobody that can take that away from you. Even if you lose… it don’t matter. You have to go into there with the intent of ‘I’m going to kill who ever is standing across from me.’ And when you do that, it’s either it’s you or it’s me. One person is going to die. That’s what you have to go in there thinking.”

“I had no hesitation. As soon as she had my neck, I’m going to go for it. And that what you have to do – you have to go with no doubt, no doubt. When you have that one little piece of doubt in your mind, that’s when you can crack, you know?”