Pat Miletich on GSP, TRT, UFC, and Ronda Rousey

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stephie Daniels caught up with the man who laid the blueprint for mixed martial arts as it is practiced today – Pat Miletich. The Croatian Sensation is the first UFC fighter who could hang with national class players in wrestling, BJJ, and kickboxing, a standard for excellence that has stood ever since.

Miletich does not like everything he sees today in MMA, or the USA. Do yourself a favor and click the link at bottom to read the whole thing.

On the dominance of the UFC

I think there’s no true competition in the promotions, at this point, for the athletes to barter or have any negotiating power… Obviously the UFC has the most coveted organizational titles, but there’s no true world title. It goes to show with the way the Strikeforce guys, after the doors closed, have come over to the UFC and have been wrecking shop, that organizational belts don’t necessarily mean that you’re the number one guy in the world.

On title shots

If you’re a good looking blonde, you get the belt before you ever fought for them, right? With no sanctioning body overseeing the sport, truly overseeing it, then the owners of the company, whatever company it is, have every right to do whatever the hell they want. They put their champion fighters against certain guys who are marketable and are going to sell tickets.

On Fallon Fox

I think if you have a Y chromosome in your body, you’re a man, no matter what hardware you have surgically removed, changed or done whatever. You’re still a man. I talked to a lot of female fighters and they think it’s bulls—. I agree with them.


I have no idea what to think any more…. in the end, it comes down to this. If you fight too long, no matter what, you’re going to end up having physical problems.

It comes down to how these guys are going to be 20 years from now. Are they still going to be able to spell their name?

On Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz

GSP has usually always fought smart. I doubt very much that he’s going to stand up with Diaz early on. I think if he does, that will be Nick’s chance to catch him and hurt him. Nick is pretty impressive, striking-wise, and he can take a lot of abuse. I just see it as GSP being too athletic, too explosive and too well rounded.

I might be wrong, though. It is MMA and anything can happen.

Read the rest of the interview to hear Pat on Democrats (extremely vile socialists and Marxists :-), Mexico (read what happened during the filming of The Death & Life of Bobby Z :-), Freemasons (the guys who defended the Alamo, Bowie, Crockett and Travis and those guys :-), and more!

What do you think UG? Pat for President? Or gosh no he sounds like Fox news which I never watched?