Penn: I would never hire Dolce again

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Last month BJ Penn dropped down to featherweight to fight Frankie Edgar for the third time. Edgar TKO'd Penn in the third round and the fight was arguably one of Penn's worst in the Octagon. Penn today gave his first interview since the fight, speaking on what went wrong, including working on his diet and weight cut wit Mike Dolce:

What was your overall experience in working with Mike Dolce for the weight cut and nutrition?

“As far as Mike Dolce goes; I would never hire him again for anything.”

Would you like to elaborate?

 “No, that’s it. Next question.”

The subject quickly shifted and BJ was then asked the golden question that many fans have been pondering for the last month:
BJ, are you going to stay retired?

“I think I should stay retired. One thing I know is that I put a lot of effort, a lot of energy into this camp. I trained for the last year to do this camp, to do this fight, and one thing at my age…I love training, I was looking to do five fights, but now that I look back and I’ve fought the last four or five times without any reward and staying in training camps and waiting for all these young kids to come in and spar with me; the Dominick Cruzes, the Nik Lentzes. You know? I just sit around for hours on end waiting for them to come in and spar with me and punch me in my face. And not that I don’t hold my own but I’m getting very burnt-out, very exhausted, and very discouraged to not have my hand raised, to not have a smile on my face after the fight, and it’s been a long road and a long fight. If you saw me spar in the gym or workout with any of these guys you would say, ‘man, this guy should be fighting everybody.’ But after the last few fights I’m kind of getting tired.”

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