Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On the UFC on FOX 1 prelim card, Robert Peralta landed a combination on Mackens Semerzier, sending him to the canvas, and into his fifth loss in eleven fights. However, instant replay revealed that the combination included a head butt, one referee John McCarthy did not see.

Brian Butler-Au of SuckerPunch Entertainment has filed an appeal with the California State Athletic Commission.

Semerzier took the high road saying “I don’t blame it on the referee. That stuff happens so fast. You have to see it on video to know what really happened. Once the video’s played, everyone could see.”

In addition to being understanding, Semerzier rightly wants a rematch.

“I think, as a fighter, that would only be right,” Semerzier said. “Unless he wants to tuck it in his back pocket and tell people he knocked me out. Because he knows, I know, and everybody knows that’s not the case.

“I was a man after the fight, and I hope he’s a man in giving me a rematch, or asking for it at least.”

Peralta is not asking for it.

“If that’s what the UFC is giving me, then that’s what I’ll do,” Peralta today told MMAjunkie.com. “I’m completely fine.”

“It’s not like when we clashed heads it put him out,” he continued. “He was still aware. It knocked him down. I took a big lump, too. But I was able to finish the fight.”

“It’s up to Joe Silva and Sean Shelby, It’s unfortunate it had to end like that. I didn’t even know that it was caused by a headbutt when he fell to the ground. I thought I caught him with a punch, and then I just finished it off.”

Had the accidental head butt been seen at the time, the bout would have likely gone to decision. At this point, the CSAC could declare the bout a No Contest, a step Peralta’s manager Jeff Clark firmly advocated againsst.

“To me, it looked like an incidental headbutt, and Robbie continued off of it and was able to stop the fight,” Clark said. “At that point, it was up to the discretion of ‘Big’ John to decide what to do, and he let it go. Because of that, the judgement should stand.”

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