Petruzelli talks mistakes in Romero fight

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coming off of a disappointing, but still impressive, loss at UFC 116, Seth Petruzelli is looking to bounce back strong. I caught up with Seth yesterday for an insightful, and very humorous, exclusive interview.

Eva Hamed: Your last fight against Ricardo Romero you were dominating the fight until you were caught in a submission. Do you feel that you perhaps over trained for the fight and gassed or did you get too cocky?

Seth Petruzelli::: Yeah I got too confident. Even on the ground when I was on my back I didn’t feel like I was in trouble at any time. I knew he would only catch me if I got tired. I was coming off of a fight in England four or five weeks before the UFC fight. It was the first time that I had back to back fights like that without a real break in between my training periods. That could have something to do with it. I’ve never felt like that before in a fight. I don’t know what caused it. I just know that I need to correct it.

EH: We saw once you were caught in the arm bar you showed that the pain basically lifted the entire lower half of your body off the ground. What was going through your head when you felt that pain? Was it immediate or did it just get too much to handle gradually?

SP: It was extremely painful. My elbows have been bad for the last couple of years as a result of doing martial arts since I was seven years old and always punching. The tendons have worn down on my elbows. I guess you could call it not tennis elbow, but punchers elbow. It felt like a nail being driven through my elbow. There was absolutely no pain, but then when he hyper extended it just a little bit, I heard the tendon pop. It wasn’t the pop that scared me; it was the pain. It was more of a shock than a slow steady tap. The day after it was fine.

EH: You and Tom Lawlor seem to have a… “special” relationship. Care to explain how you guys met and what brings you so close together?

SP: (laughs) We’re really not that close. We honestly think of each other as like nemesis. We’re always competing for attention. Each of us think that we’re better than the other person. We’re good friends though and it is all in fun…kind of. We also party and act retardedly gay together.

 EH: Back when you knocked out Kimbo all of the casual fans were in shock. It was a major deal at the time and you even started going by “The Guy Who KO’d Kimbo” on message boards. Now that it has been quite a while since all that happened, looking back, what do you think about the situation?

SP: I’m glad that it is over. I’m glad that it happened, but I’m glad that it has kind of faded out. I know that it is what I will always be known as until I do something else to make my mark in the world of MMA and that is what I plan on doing.

EH: There has been people say that they feel Ken purposely cut himself in warm ups for that fight. Do you agree with that?

 SP: I’m not saying anything about that at all. I’ve already gotten in trouble once for opening my mouth. You would have to be a retard to cut yourself and I doubt that Ken is a retard. Take that how you want to take it.

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