Pettis: I’m not the same fighter

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Anthony Pettis has been a number one contender in the lightweight division for a while, and finally the circumstances have aligned and he will be granted a UFC lightweight title shot versus Benson Henderson. Henderson defeated Pettis by a slim margin for the final WEC lightweight title, but knows that neither him nor Benson are the same fighter they were for that fight:

“I was super ready for the Aldo fight. I was down to 160, I was cutting weight already, so my weight is perfect for 155,” said Pettis. “A seven-week training camp is more than enough time. I’m always in shape so that’s not an issue for me. I just feel like I have what it takes to beat this guy, man.

“I always knew this fight was going to happen. I’ve been thinking about this guy for two years now, so I go through this gameplan all the time — how I’m going to fight him, how I’m going to beat him.

“[Henderson is] a whole new fighter, a way different fighter than he was in the WEC days. But I am, too. It’s not like I’m the same Anthony Pettis you fought in Arizona. This is a totally different Anthony Pettis. It’s funny because my last two fights, the world only got to see me perform for like two minutes, so no one really knows how much I’ve evolved as a fighter. I’m excited to get out there and show what I’ve been working on.” 

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