Phil Baroni: I was given a chance and I blew it

Sunday, January 02, 2011

From: PhilBaroni
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Hey guys thanks for the support. Im a fighter and Ill have to figure out how to fight through this and win some fights and get back in a big show. Its really the only option I have unless the UFC or another big promotion gave me a chance. Im a fighter and this is what I do…… I fight.

I got beat, I lost but I had a good long camp and was doing well in training and early in the fight. If Dana gives me another chance Ill be very happy. If not Ill have 2 fight else where. Maybe Ill get a good opportunity or maybe Ill have to fight for it. Its out of my hands now.

I was given a chance and I blew it. Ill have to wait and see. I plan on getting back on the horse ASAP and getting some wins regardless.

2011 can only go up from here lol.


Phil B

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