Pokrajac complains about Magalhaes grappling, then apologizes

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vinny Magalhaes tapped out Igor Pokrajac with a beautiful armbar Saturday on the UFC 152 undercard.

Many fans thought it should have earned Submission of the Night, over even Jon Jones’ keylock on Vitor Belfort.

Prokrajac was underestandably not among the submissions’ fans, but his argument is a little baffling. Via Twitter:

Igor Pokrajac UFC @igorpokrajac
If I wanted to do a grappling match I would go on a grappling tournament , this is MMA and UFC fans want a fight # UFC 152

Given that the sport is mixed martial arts not kick boxing, and that it was Pokrajac who executed the takedown to the mat, going public with the complaint as stated is probably ill thought through.

In an interview with MMJunkie Radio, Vinny responds.

“I understand the guy,” said Magalhaes. “I’ve lost so many fights. People know that, and I would hate to be in his situation.”

“Let’s go back to the first round. The first round, I took him down, and it was not like I was just stalling. I took him down, I punched him, I threw some elbows, I went for a submission, lost the submission, and attacked a little bit off my back. Then the round was over.

“So it was not like a stalling situation. People lose, and they get frustrated if it’s a situation where they get taken down over and over again. It is frustrating, so maybe they say something like that. But [in my fight] that wasn’t the case.”

“I don’t think he should be saying that, because it would be the same as me getting knocked out and saying, ‘I didn’t sign up for a boxing match.'”

“Now, I’m in a pretty decent spot in the division. “But I’m still probably [ranked 15th or 20th].”

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And finally, Pokrajac apologizes.

“Sorry to all MMA fans on my [last] tweet after the fight, was [pissed] off because of my mistake,” said Pokrajac. “I lost the fight. Vinny did his best.”

“I don’t show anything I was prepared for. Next fight I will do my best for all UFC and MMA fans. Thank you all [for] big support.”

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