Prado: I would have lost after ‘f@$%!# annoying’ eye poke

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Wagner Prado entered the Octagon for the first time undefeated Saturday night at UFC on FOX 4, and he left the same way, when the bout was declared a No Contest after an accidental eye poke from Phil Davis.

Prado was overcome with grief when the bout was stopped.

In a recent interview with Tatame, Prado related his pre-fight state.

“I was happy and calm,” said Prado. “I didn’t feel the pressure at any point. I never felt so great fighting in Brazil as I felt walking out there for this Phil Davis fight. I was happy, joking around, playing and I didn’t feel any pressure. I trained a lot for this fight but it went this way. The same way I was calm, prepared for this fight, the finger came right into my eye. I came here to win, I had prepared to win. It’s f—— annoying.”

Prado revealed that had the fight gone on, he would have lost.

“It was complicated. I’m a fighter and I couldn’t see the tiny letters. I really thought I would lose that fight and I wanted to keep fighting. I guess that I’d have lost if I’d got back in there. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t follow his flow. We were moving all right, fast and walking a lot inside the cage. At the same time I was upset for not going on; I guess I would have lost, so it was better. I couldn’t see Davis.”


“It’s just speculation for now,” said Prado. “My manager is getting in touch with Dana White and Joe Silva. They want this fight and they don’t only want me to fight Davis again, but also want me to be good to go. I have a couple of weeks to handle it with my doctor in Brazil and see if I can do it or not for the date they want me to fight in.”

On the one hand, Prado feels the NC could prove to be an advantage the next time they fight.

“It will help me a lot fighting for the second time in the UFC,” said Prado. “It wasn’t good because I was going to knock him out (laughs). I was joking, but I did it my entire life. Picture this: I just landed a hand on him and I’m going for it. I’m a striker, right? I train for this. I had landed a hard hand on him and I was going to knock him out. But it will only give me experience for my second UFC fight.”

On the other hand, Davis too will have broken the ice already.

“In a way, it was bad it happened,” explains Prado. “I guess that next time he will come much better prepared. If he didn’t take me seriously this time, now he will. He knows how I roll. He could feel it in there. It can go either way. I’m going to prepare a lot more now, since I got the time to do that. I’m going to be better. Let’s see if he will be too. A punch on the chin is a punch on the chin. Let’s see if I can knock him down”.

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