Prior arrest causing visa issues for Mark Hunt

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Mark Hunt is scheduled to fight Junior Dos Santos, May 25th in Las Vegas, NV. The heavyweight, who lives in New Zealand, may now have put the bout in jeopardy:

Well thanks to a idiot friend of mine I did get arrested. Denied again at airport I’m never helping anymore dikhead mates. This is wat happens wen u have friends that are dikheads the last fukn time I help these mother fkn trouble makers.

He’s still tweeting (see his timeline here), so that’s a good sign.

With fight night just over two weeks away, Hunt says he was arrested in New Zealand thanks to some “dickhead” friends he was apparently trying to help. In addition, his visa was denied for his outbound flight to “Sin City,” which means he’s currently stranded overseas.

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