Pro MMA fighter Jayme “Stallion” McKinney takes on gunman outside Mall

Thursday, December 13, 2012

6′ 4″, 265 lbs. pro MMA fighter Jayme “Stallion” McKinney, who is head of security at the Pecan Land Mall in Monroe, Louisiana recently took on an armed shoplifter.

McKinney approached the perpetrator as he was trying to place stolen goods in a vehicle. The shoflifter then pulled a gun, whereupon McKinney took him down, and used the necessary force to subdue him. Two of the criminal’s partners emerged from a car, only to be driven off by McKinney, who then returned to the shoplifter, and took him down and subdued him again.

McKinney came on the Underground and provided startling details.

 From: Jayme McKinney
Member Since: 9/23/09

This individual stole $1200 of electronics. I stopped the guy and told him he had to come with me; I’ve done this many many times. I’m not rude or aggressive, I jovially told him I saw what he did.

His reply  was of course was, I didn’t do it, which is an expected response. What I didn’t expect was the next statement –  “F you, I will kill you.” My reaction was like, man, I’m not the guy to be playing this game with.

Next he reaches and grabs a gun that is handed to him out the car window.

At that point the fight or flight reaction kicks in. I pushed him away from the gun causing him to drop it. The video definition is not great but, clinch, knee to face, three rights landed on ground, hip sweep, KO when we landed on pavement.

I abhor violence. MMA is not violence, it’s professional competition between two trained athletes.

In 25 professional fights (9-3) kickboxing (8-5) mma I have never said a bad word to or about my opponent. We have always celebrated afterwards or been good friends.

I hate to see people get hurt, this guy gave me no choice. I could run and just hope the guy doesn’t shoot me in the 60 feet I’d have to the nearest cover or do what I did. So, broken nose, jaw and orbital socket, plus 20 something stitches according to ER.

BTW , this guy had just robbed a loan business at gun point and was flying on meth.