Pro MMA fighter disparages Toney’s trainer

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

James Toney’s trainer, Come on UFC?

From: Mr.Unbreakable
Posted: 5 hours ago
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 I can’t take no more, This is crazy. I am so glad I am making an exit out of this sport now.

I was an assistant to Eddy Millis from the Shark Tank eight years ago when I met Toney’s so called head trainer (Trever Sherman) This is so sad that the UFC has come to this.

I was showing this guy Trever Sherman basic moves eight years ago. I’ve fought some of the best fighters in the world & have never been close to the UFC cage. only been to a few shows because I bought my own ticket.

I started fighting because I had a dream of fighting in the UFC thirteen years ago. That dream has never come true for me. I’ve even trained some guys that are now in the UFC. I’ve never had the pleasure to even corner a fighter in the UFC.

Then I see this guy (Sherman) as a head trainer to a guy (Toney) that does not even have one MMA fight under his belt,  fighting someone like Randy. This is so terrible,

That I had to get out of my bed & type this right now. It burns me up. Oh well, maybe this is really what MMA has come to & I was right on making an exit out of the sport of which I loved at one time.

I still can’t believe this, It just goes to show you that people can B.S. their way into anything. How does something like this slip through under the radar?

If Randy somehow does not win this fight I will never watch the UFC again.

Brian Warren