Pro fighter tries to steal bike, thwarted by Mac Danzig

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tied to steal a bike….STOPPED by Mac Danzig!

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 I was in LA and drunk so I decided to steal a bike (obviously) that was left on the side of the road………..

And who of all people came out to stop me?

Mac fucking Danzig (from the band Danzig I believe)

Needless to say I was beaten to a bloody pulp after this, and had to high tail it out of Brentwood!

After that, Mac called me later that night and offered to buy me a few beers as an apology for not letting me steal the bike (he was unaware I was a famous color analyst and fellow world champion)

Even the WEC’s Chad George felt bad………….

All and all it turned into a pretty good evening!!!

But I got the last laugh as we trolled Mac into smelling flowers with my wife only to have her sneak up behind him and choke him out!!!!!

Over all Id say it was yet another victory by troll……for OMA ™