Quarry, Florian making transition to broadcasting

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bas Rutten began it – the transition from professional fighter to professional broadcaster. Now TUF 1 veterans Nate Quarry and Kenny Florian are following the same path.

Quarry makes his broadcasting debut tonight at 11 p.m. ET/PT as co host of “MMA Uncensored Live” on Spike TV.

“It seems on the radio you get a lot more guys who give their opinion and talk about who they want to win,” said Quarry. “But as soon as they transfer from radio to TV it’s like watching paint dry. Everyone’s afraid to get excited about the fight and talk about who they think is going to win.”

Quarry is unafraid of non-conventional opinions –  he thinks Anderson Silva may beat Chael Sonnen this summer, and retire.

“I’m sure (Anderson Silva)’s been making so much money over the past few years and then you convertt that to Brazilian dollars, he’s probably set for two or three lifetimes … Why would he necessarily want to go back into a three or fourth month fight camp, always in pain, always have to wake up and train when you’ve done so much already? There comes a point where he’s saying “you know what? I’ve got enough money. I’ve got enough fame. My country loves me. I’ve set plenty of records.'”

Florian started broadcasting as part of ESPN’s MMA Live show, and now works for FUEL TV. He will be woring as a fight analyst, breaking down the world’s fastest growing, and arguably most complex sport for a new generation of fans.

“I hated it when I got critiqued as a fighter,” said Florian. “So much goes into a fight that people never see, the countless hours of training, the diet, dealing with injuries. The worst feeling in the world, for me anyway, is to lose. Knowing how I felt, it’s been hard for me to rip apart a guy after his fight.”

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Quarry commented on his new gig on the UG

From: Nate ‘Rock’ Quarry
Zombie Cage Fighter
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Posts: 225

I’ve only commentated in small shows.

I did enjoy doing it but don’t have a huge desire to follow that path. If it comes up, I’ll take a shot at it but honestly, I don’t need to have everyone critique every comment I make during a show. That’s everyone’s right of course and for the most part here, everyone has been respectful even if they don’t care for whoever they’re talking about.

It’s very tough to live in the public’s eye. Sure we signed up for it to some extent but we’re still all people.

I always think about the Pres of the USA. Any of them. Guess what? Nearly FIFTY percent of the US population hates you and is going to think everything you do sucks.

Even Rampage going off on Rogan. Really? You’re mad because he does his job well?

On my new show MMA Uncensored Live on Spike Tv, I HAVE to give my fight picks. So half of the fighters are going to be pissed at me. But if I just said, “Wow! Two great fighters, I can’t pick” then not only would I lose my job but I’d be branded a pussy.

When I hear Kenny commentate I’m blown away cuz he really knows his shit. Way better than I do. Some of the “journalists” I see on tv, I don’t really care for. I’d rather have a newspaper propped up in front of the camera so I can read the scores, it’d be more exciting.

But what I like about my show is I just get to be me. And my co-hosts get to be them. Love them or hate them, you’re going to have an opinion.

Oh, one small show the guy with me says that the hammer fists from a really fat heavyweight don’t do much damage.

“Actually, I’d say that’s like getting hit with a big ole Christmas ham.”

I liked that one…