Quitiquit suffers Texas-sized cut at UWF 3 in Texas

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MMA: There Will be Soft Tissue Damage

Mixed Martial Arts does not cause nearly as much catastrophic injury as does say cheerleading, but the soft tissue damage from 4 oz gloves, and unprotected knees and elbows can be considerable.

This weekend’s UFC 146 saw dramatic cuts from Duane “Bang” Ludwig and Shane Del Rosario, and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva turned into that scene from The Shining where a hallway turns into a river of blood.

But nothing that happened at the big show compared to what happened to Chris Quitiquit in the Ultimate Warrior Fighting $25,000 Welterweight Tournament Semifinal in Laredo Texas on Saturday night.

Quitiquit was handling himself well against Flavio Alvaro, and then he caught a grazing knee.

And then…

The ever awesome Mike Calimbas caught all the action, as ever.

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