Rampage: 2008 car chase was to save a suicidal friend

Thursday, January 23, 2014

In 2008, Quinton Rampage Jackson was infamously involved in a car chase in which he hits other vehicles, scared pedestrians, and was eventually stopped by armed police. This event recently came up again by Rampage himself when discussing his bout with Tito Ortiz. Rampage disclosed the new information to MMAJunkie:

While defending his former training partner and would-be opponent Tito Ortiz, Bellator light heavyweight and ex-UFC champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson made a startling claim about an infamous part of his personal history.

Jackson, 35, said a 2008 police chase that resulted in his arrest was the result of his effort to stop a suicide.

“All I was doing was getting to my friend because he really needed me,” he today told MMAjunkie Radio. “My friend was going to commit suicide.”

“They never talked about the outcome of things, and so now I’m branded as a certain type of person that did this and did that,” he said. “The true story is not even out there that I saved a life that day.”

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