Rampage: Jones a dirty fighter

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quinton Jackson fought Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title back in September of 2011, a bout he lost by submission in the fourth round. He also fought Jones’ next title challenger, Glover Teixiera in January of 2013. Familiar with both guys, Jackson is uniquely qualified to give his opinion on the match between the two:

Speaking with present media, Rampage was outspoken when he commented on Jon Jones’ next fight against Glover Teixeira. Coincidentally, both guys have wins over him but Jackson roots for the Brazilian challenger. 

“I think Glover is gonna win. I’m supporting him and I’m betting on him. Jon Jones is an excellent fighter but he doesn’t always put on a show for the fans so they aren‘t always happy with him,” he says.

“He is a great athlete. He is also one of the dirtiest opponents I have fought. If I could, I would break his knee for him so doesn’t fight ever again.” 

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