Rampage: Jones’ ‘oblique kick’ should be banned

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

“It should be called the illegal kick,” Rampage told ESPN.

“It should be banned and it shows a lot about the fighter’s character that he would throw it. How would he like it if somebody threw it at him and stopped him working for a year

“I thought it was an illegal move. I think spinning elbows should be illegal too because they land on the back of the head. But I appreciate a good fight, a good scrap, I just wonder which rule fighters will bend next.”

Jackson, though, still rates Jones as an extremely entertaining fighter, and excuses the champion for fighting slightly more cautiously in recent bouts. In Rampage’s eyes, Jones has too much to lose to throw the same wild strikes he employed as a youngster.

“Jon Jones is not a boring fighter, he’s got a lot of things like spinning elbows and slams and stuff like that, but lately – since he’s become undefeated – he’s taking less chances. If he gets his first loss out the way, he’ll probably become more exciting.

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