Rampage: Time for me to think about retirement

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

After an extraordinary career in Japan's Pride FC, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson moved briefly to the WFA before the UFC acquired tht organization's contracts. In 2007 Jackson beat Chuck Liddell for the UFC light heavyweight championship, before losing it just over a year later to Forrest Griffin.

Rampage lost his last three in the UFC, but enjoyed a career resurgence in Bellator MMA, where he went 3-0. A fight with champion Emanuel Newton seemed obvious, but Jackson trains with and likes Newton, and seemed uninterested.

Now he appears ready to retire.

The1st time Chuck and I fought was in Japan. Pride reps asked me 2 give him a good beating even tho I had 2 fights that night. I lost my 2nd fight that night cause I did what they asked,and they stood up the fight with Wand to soon,in my opinion. MMA hasn't had my back they way I had it's back. Time for me to think about retirement. Or fighting 4 myself..

Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal reacted bluntly, initiating a bitter Twitter quarrel.

King Mo @KingMoFH
@Rampage4real so now u feel some typa way cuz your dick rider got fired and now u wanna retire!!!?

Quinton Jackson @Rampage4real
haha u mad cause I took yo number 1spot huh? U can't fight! It's MMA not high school wrestling,u suck Mo,and u are boring. Shut up

King Mo @KingMoFH
u suck?! Thats what u said!? I kno this aint Quinton tweetin. I thought u was from Memphis!? Lol…damn u a square

So what do think UG? Does Rampage fight again? Does he become a promoter? And has there been a weirder week lately??!?