Rampage considers move to boxing

Saturday, January 19, 2013

On Jan. 26 former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson fights Glover Teixeira, and plans to leave the UFC.

“I’ve given [UFC] time to keep me happy,” said Jackson. “Honestly, I think the UFC is happy with me leaving. It’s a mutual thing.”

Competing in smaller MMA promotions is possible, but Jackson has a grander scheme — taking his knockout skills to the boxing ring.

He won’t have to worry about anyone taking him to the ground in a boxing match, and Jackson gets to throw as many punches as he wants.

“I’ve put my time in. I did my thing,” Jackson said. “I just want to entertain people. I want to be very exciting. Maybe I want to try some boxing or do some kickboxing. I’ve done jiu-jitsu tournaments, wrestling tournaments, kickboxing fights — but never boxing. I think that would be my biggest challenge — to see if I can be a pro boxer.

Jackson noted that former street fighter-turned-mixed martial artist Kimbo Slice has also made the switch to boxing.

One promoter has already expressed interest.

“Absolutely, I’d be interested in taking a look at him,” Top Rank vice president of boxing operations Carl Moretti told ESPN.com. “I’m sure he’s a well-conditioned athlete, but boxing’s a different game. I’d like to see him in the gym sparring, just to see how he does against professionals before going ahead and just throwing him in a fight.

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