Rampage training for Machida in Port Moody, Canada

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oct 9 ’10     Rampage vs Machida UFC nov 20/

Mr Gibson started Rampages camp early this fight to ensure that he will be more than ready for Machida. Julia Budd has signed with Strikeforce and is fighting Oct 22, she has been so  lucky to share rampages private camp and train along side many UFC veterans to prepare for her long awaited Strikeforce debut.Mr gibson has created a spectacular cast of coaches to fine tune his fighters. Lance Gibson mma coach & strategist, Mike Dolce S&Cond nutritionist, Junior Perez BJJ.

Lance is the 2002 #1 ranked Shooto Fighter in the World; UFC 24 pay per view Middleweight Fight Champion and a veteran of the Internationally known Superbrawl and World Abu Dhabi Championships in 1998.

Mr. Gibson started in the grass roots of combat (MMA), when they had no rounds or weight limits. Mr. Gibson has defeated opponents more than 80 lbs. heavier than himself. This enables him to teach realistic techniques to those who are at the most in need – the general public.

Mr. Gibson has achieved one of the highest levels in the Martial Arts at a professionally recognized level.

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