Randleman wants to teach Matt Riddle some ‘f@$%!#* respect’

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cyril Jeff ‏@theCyrildotcom
@themonstah_ hey champ, I think this is his twitter @riddletuf7

Kevin Randleman ‏@themonstah_

Just yo be clear @mattriddle you and I will meet and when we do I will show you f—king respect. And anyone standing next to you the same

nice fight Matt look forward to teaching you f—ing respect. Your a tough Guy when talking.g to a woman. Myturn

he’s a f—ing tough pussy when talking on phone to a women. Now he can’t get out of this. Given opportunities. Now he has me

I let many people get away with murder. He spoke to her in a way that I will rip a peace of him off. Tough guy

I don’t like men that want to be tough and yell at people. Any man that wouldn’t check this pussy ain’t a man. Now you will deal with me.

Your a tough Guy now. And now you can’t fix it pussy. You will meet me and you will be sorry

don’t be sorry for this Guy, he is a sucker, that disrespect our sport. I’m not a forgiver, that Gods job. I’m all about REVENGE

I have for 7 yr. Walked away from drama and fights. Heard this ass talk to my wife more than once. I’m as pissed at him as I feel about tito

God forgives n I don’t #gfid

@danawhite @lorenzofertitta would be pissed if they heard him speak to there wives so , so I wight 205 in the cage or out it will happen

I respect my life and the men and women that protect us. We as a country need tougher skin and be willing to fight for our beliefs. Liveeell

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A UGer explains the background to the beef.

From: Gator Choke
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Here’s the 411 about what’s going on that led to this.  FRAT warning, as there’s a lot behind it.

In May, Pure MMA held their second show in Wilkes Barre, PA (the show with Din Thomas vs. Cody Bollinger and Jason Dent vs. Rustam Khalibov as main and co-main event. Waylon Lowe also fought on it.) I am Pure’s ring announcer and also have helped a gentleman I consider a good friend, Bryan Slater, in his first two shows. Through this, I have gotten to know Matt Riddle, who was at both shows and lent his name and expertise to Bryan as a defacto (non paying) partner. Matt is also one I consider a friend. 

Back in late March, early April: Bryan asked me to reach out to some names in the MMA community who might be willing to come do a live appearance at the May 12th show, as so to add more name value to it. I reached out to gentlemen I’m friends with: Marcus Davis, Anthony Johnson, Johnny Bedford and Randleman. All of these gentlemen were given the same price figure as to how much they were going to be paid for it. I can tell you first hand, from my involvement in helping set it up, they all were pretty much told the same amount and agreed to it. Whether or not there was more discussions past that point, I’m not sure. However, at time frame when I was involved, all seemed to agree on the same price. I do know Randleman offered to do a seminar if more money was involved, but a gym was not able to be secured for this to happen. Thus, it seemed as though each were getting the same set amount.

On Bryan’s end, as he always does, he paid in full everyone exactly what he said he would. He also changed Bedford’s flight time on his own dime, because John’s brother in law took a last second fight the Friday night he was supposed to fly in to Scranton.

The day we were all set to leave, following the event, Randleman got ahold of me about getting paid. I told him I’d get it for him. When the price figure he said I was to get for him however; it was $500 more than what I thought was the agreed upon price, the same one that Marcus, Anthony and Johnny had received. Upon speaking to Bryan, he and Kevin worked out an agreement where Bryan gave him the money he said he would, and would send him the remainder of the $500 in the mail via check. Bryan did indeed send him this extra $500 dollars in the mail. Kevin told Bryan he received it but the check was either lost or eaten..

In the interim, between Point A and now (and after Bryan sent Kevin the remainder of the $500 he owed him), Bryan turned over financial obligations of Pure MMA to a third partner. Kevin was then put in touch with Adam, who was put in touch with Matt Riddle to recoop the remainder of the money he felt he was owed.

I can’t and won’t speak on behalf of Matt, however from what he’s told me, there was numerous contact made to him via telephone at all hours of the day by both Mr. and Mrs. Randleman. Matt reportedly tried to explain the situation, however there was no middle ground met.

I can tell you right now, I’ve been around Matt regularly.. I’ve never ONCE seen him so much as raise his voice, let alone disrespect a woman. And I consider both he and Kevin friends here. This is being said from the middle man’s perspective.

Sorry for the FRAT. Hopefully this clears some air.