Raphael Assuncao: I’d be pissed if snubbed for title fight

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Raphael Assuncao is riding an impressive six fight win streak in the UFC's bantamweight division and is currently ranked third. The two fighters above him, Urijah Faber and  Michael MacDonald, have both lost to champion Renan Barao so it makes sense that Assuncao would be next in line for a title shot. Of course he himself believes he should be next, and would be pretty pissed off if he were to be snubbed of that title shot:

“I'll be pissed if it doesn't happen,” he told FOX Sports in a rare fired-up moment. “You know what? I'm proud of what I've done. I look at it and I try to stay humble and do what I've got to do, but I think people forget, I'm the first guy to beat the win streak at Nova Uniao with Johnny Eduardo. He had an 11-fight win streak and I beat him, and people say, 'That's nothing.' So then I beat Mike Easton. He was on a win streak, and I broke it. Then I beat T.J. Dillashaw. They had a new coach and they're on a tear, and I'm the guy who stopped that win streak. 

“A title shot, it wouldn't be a gift,” he continued. “I worked for it. They wouldn't be giving it to me for free. I earned it.”

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