‘Razor’ Rob: ‘I just want to fight the best’

Monday, October 25, 2010

DH: Do you have a dream fight?

RR: I just want to fight the best. That’s how you become the best and that’s how you make the good money. Right now in Bellator, Eddie is the best.

DH: How do you feel about fighting in Japan?

RR: I welcome it. They worship fighters over there. I was out there with Tito years and years ago before I really got big and they had me on a big MMA wall with a bunch of other fighters. They also pay well and that is big factor for me right now; I got a kid now and a wife that likes to shop ya know. (laughs)

DH: So you are now a dad and have a family. Do you feel the responsibilities of a parent have had any effect on your training?

RR: It has definitely affected my training regimen, but has also put me in a good place in my career. It has given me a new motivation; a reason to train and fight harder. When I am in the gym and I’m exhausted my family is the reason I keep going.

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