Rebney: Rumors of possible replacement by Scott Coker ‘not true’

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Former boxing promoter and current head of Bellator MMA Bjorn Rebney sat down for an extended interview with, excepted briefly below.

On the rumor floated by MiddleEasy that he might be replaced by Scott Coker next  year:

“I have never even seen that site. That’s not true.”

On UFC vs. Bellator fighters:

“The UFC has been around for a long time so there is an entrenched belief that the best fighters are in UFC. They are not. Many of the best fighters are fighting in Bellator. I think Michael Chandler is the best lightweight on Earth and he beats every other lightweight in the world. If you had every 145-pounder in the world fight, Pat Curran and Jose Aldo would be the last two standing. This is a marathon, not a sprint. It will just take time, but we will get there.”

On the compensation packages Viacom affords Bellator, vs. those available from the UFC:

“The differences are almost all across the board, positive. Marketing. production, public relations. It is an enormous powerful machine with incredible reach. What we do through a social media perspective is through the roof. If you race NASCAR, the better machine you have, the faster you are going to go, and Viacom gives us that faster machine.”

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