Reinhardt thanks UFC for health insurance, and for cut

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I want to thank the UFC!!!

From: Jason Reinhardt
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First of all, i want to publically say congrats to my opponent Edwin. I wish him nothing but the best. Now, the UFC. Wow! I got hurt in this fight.

When i broke my neck almost 11 years ago in a smaller organiztion near St. Louis Missouri for the SFC, 135 lbs. title, i finished the fight, won, then was out for a year and a half. Well, hear we are almost 11 years later and i re-injured the same discs in my UFC fight. Thank God, this time the bone didn’t break, like last.

Anyway, the promoter at the time i faught for didn’t pay his fighter insurance, so i went bankrupt (literally) flying all over this damn country spending my wife and i life savings, to get surgery, and continued physical therapy by some of (if not) the best in order to pursue what i live eat, sleep, and breath for. This was a very dark time in my life. However, i overcame, and i will OVERCOME AGAIN!

I am getting better daily, and the point of my thread is to show how amazing the UFC treats their fighters! I haven’t had to pay one single penny for this latest injury and they have found the best doctors for me.

The doctors tell me i DO NOT have to retire, and even if he did tell me that, (just like they tried to do in 2001) I would rather die than give up. I’m improving daily. I faught like shit at UFC Live 5, and deserved to be cut!! I have nobody to blame but MYSELF, or no damn excuses. (i hate excuses) As a matter of fact, i would have been embarrased if the UFC would have kept me!

I am moving my family to Vegas to train Full time, which is something I’ve never had the luxury of doing. Hopefully, in due time i will. Please don’t give up on me. I have so much left. Much respect to all.

Jason Reinhardt

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