Renzo Gracie live tweets through an attempted mugging, MMA world spins

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Renzo Gracie is one of the greatest fighters to ever walk the planet, and a ferocious tweeter. The two past times combined last night on the still occasionally mean streets of NY.

This time though, the streets were mean for the bad guys.

It started after 3:00 am early this Friday Morning.

 Renzo_Gracie_BJJ ‏@RenzoGracieBJJ

22nd street and 10th ave right now two guys following me, can’t help but have a big smile upon my face Im talking about a happy one ;-))))

Waiting for them… Are they really thinking I’m drunk??? They have to be kidding. Hahahaha

25th and 10ave 😉 they are getting closer lol 😉

Ijust stop to take a pic, they pretend they are looking at the window, can’t lie… My blood runs in a different speed, man I miss Brazil

JiuJitsu ;-))) never leave home without it 😉

Please hold there for just a couple minutes 😉 be right back

They are coming closer, asking for a cigaret 😉 lol can’t help but have a smile in my face. I don’t smoke. Pretend to wobble. They smile

Then there was a break in the Twitter feed for 15 minutes or so.

My hands hurt… Can’t help but look at him the other one took off running, not much of a friend. Chicken :-/ I can still see him, he looks Back as he runs, no chance to catch him… Even though I began to try to run after him, I realize How slow I was. Fuck it :-///

This one asks me why did I do that, pretending to be stupid, one little kick to the ribs makes him whine and apologize, as I’m writing this.

I ask him if he was planing to rob me, he says no. All he wanted was a cigarette, lol I can’t help but have a big smile upon my face, and .. The certainty that if it was an ordinary man he would be sad about his stolen goods. Fucking c— cries like a bitch when the tide turns..

I can’t help but take a pic as his nose bleeds and he wines and asks why did I do that… Like he doesn’t know the reason…

My fucking hands hurt, hurt like hell…

Drove around two blocks… The other fellow disappear, I’m heading home… Angry for not finding the second one. Guess no sleeping tonight.

I knew it 😉 yessss

Then there was another break, of about 30 minutes. It seems Renzo finally found bad guy #2.

There is basic things like you don’t come back to where the problem was.. You just don’t, I knew he would, just going around the block would Be enough… Dumb f%#^ I just gave him the old style Raccoon, it has been a while since the last time I did.. Choke him out 3 times…

And before he woke up I did hit each eye socket at least twice, tomorrow he will wake up like a raccoon, and every time he woke up I was… Whispering at his ears.. That’s what death feels like it.. Don’t do that again. My fucking hand hurts, :-/ a lot

Next time I will use only the elbows, damn I miss that feeling, sometimes I wonder if the easy life has been making me Soft. All those years in Brazil, without knowing if I would make it home had to count for something, I can’t lie I could have jump in a cab But I could not help, I could spot them from a mile away, walking was my option, thank you mayor Giuliani, nobody carries a gun in our Beautiful state, my lucky day, their bad day My hand hurts and @FrankieEdgar is here at 9:30am for some training, shoot damn little guy

Could not take a second pic guys sorry, believe I try, as I reach for my iPhone he almost took off :-/ fast mofo

@lucaatalla my brother calling you tomorrow to tell you some great stories, on the level of the ones in the Sydney Olympics in Australia when those Aborigines try to rob you by the train station near the Brazilian House 😉

Read entire Twitter…

Gracie describes the mugging of the muggers:

Naturally, the MMA world offered spin offs.

First from Cesar Gracie:

Just left a taco truck in Stockton. I think 2 guys are following me

Getting close, do they think I’m on bath salts? They have to be kidding

Taking a pic they are pretending not to look at me. Be right back
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Went to go raccoon someone. God help me what have I done
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They asked me for a blunt. What the hell is a blunt? I think they threw a taco at me

Oh never mind….
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Renzo responded, with good humor.

Renzo_Gracie_BJJ @RenzoGracieBJJ
@CesarGracieBJJ lol that was good 😉 miss you cousin, people thinking that beat a couple fools that come for your wallet is a big deal…

Then Jason “Mayhem” Miller got into the act.

Jason Mayhem Miller @mayhemmiller
I was just walking through with my buddy in NYC near 20th and when he asked this stocky foreigner for a smoke, dude beat the hell out of him

I’m retired from fighting, so I took off running, but this psycho with dreamy eyes got in his car and was searching to murder me

Wait, i am in my bed in California. That was just a strange dream. Disregard.

And Renzo responded, with humor.

Renzo_Gracie_BJJ @RenzoGracieBJJ
lol 😉 Monster next time you partying in a church make sure you call me, and I promise that I will call you to walk in NY lol

Who’s next? 🙂