Renzo Gracie reacts to shirt making light of his deceased brother

Monday, June 06, 2011

Carlson Gacie Sr. protege Wallid Ismael engaged in a long feud with several members of the Gracie family, perhaps most notably Ryan Gracie. Ismael’s verbiage on the interview immediately below went so over the top that it became internet legend.  “Ryan is not gonna fight January 15th because YOU cock , you cowardy , you scaaared about me,  I fhink u cheeken, you Ryan Gracie cheeiken … The real fighter fight  inside the ring , just cowardy , cock , f***** fight in the street  ,….ok a lot of boolsheet.”

 When Ryan Gracie passed away at 33 the feud lost its charm. Despite that, created a tshirt (see immediately below) with a transcription of Wallid’s remarks about Ryan  In a bizarre moment, some two years after Ryan’s death. MiddleEasy staff showed the shirt to Ryan’s older brother Renzo, and video taped his reaction (see bottom). Renzo handled the situation with complete class. The same cannot be said for MiddleEasy.