Renzo Gracie returning at UFC 153?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

As far as a return date, Gracie hasn’t set any goals for himself, but there is an upcoming show in his home country of Brazil that looks awfully intriguing. The UFC will return to Rio de Janeiro in October for UFC 153, and while nothing has been discussed yet, Gracie admits that the thought of fighting in his home country certainly serves as motivation.

“That’s a possibility. In my life I learned one thing, impossible is nothing,” Gracie stated about possibly competing at UFC 153

“I love the crowd there. I love the intensity that surrounds the whole arena when you’re in Brazil fighting and Brazil is cheering. It’s a different ball game.”

“Almost my whole life I fought in foreign lands. I fought in Japan, I fought in America, but I didn’t have the chance to fight in Brazil as often as I would love to do it,” said Gracie.

“For sure, if I have an opportunity I’ll be there. If it’s not on this next one, believe it’s going to be on a future one.”

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