Renzo: Sonnen one of the most humble guys I’ve ever seen

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chael Sonnen spent months trash talking Anderson Silva to an extent not seen since Muhammad Ali taunted Joe Frazier into a lifetime of hatred for ‘The Greatest’.

Then he went (relatively) silent. What happened?

A call from Renzo Gracie.

“You have to understand, he is one of the most humble guys I’ve ever seen,” Renzo said. “He understood, agreed and completely changed.”

“It’s very easy to get lost when you start talking trash. It’s very easy to get lost of the real focus. So, in reality, I didn’t call to tell him to chill. I called to show the goal that he should be aiming for. He’s a great kid, he listened and showed that he can be an unbelievable professional when he needs to.”

“If he didn’t talk that much, the fight wouldn’t have happened.”

“In the first round he completely dominated, and it shows the caliber of fighter he is. He was mounted in the first round. I know him, he could’ve done it for the five rounds if it was necessary. But when you end up getting lost in the media frenzy of talking trash and promoting the fight and insulting people, you end up losing the focus of the job that you have and the task you have ahead of you.

“When you hit that wall — and fighting Anderson is always going to be tough — so when you hit that wall of toughness, if you’re mind is not 100 percent there, it’s difficult to keep it up. In reality, I thought that’s what happened to him. Even though he had all the tools, his mind wasn’t there 100 percent.”

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