Report: Power Ranger strikes event staffer after fight

Monday, February 21, 2011

green power ranger knocks out staffs teeth

From: sly fox
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So last night at Legacy fights in Houston, Jason David Frank, the former green power ranger, and owner of ‘jesus didnt tap’ knocked out a legacy promotions employees teeth. Apparently the guy was collecting the gloves and thought frank was not going to give them back. i wasnt there at the time, but was told by a guy back stage that the guy told him “jesus didnt steal gloves’ and Frank got p’ed off. Frank claims the guy touched him first, and it was self defence, from what I’m told the guy didnt hit him, Frank claimed he pushed him I was told. Basically the kid was skinny and probably 60+ lbs less, and told rank he wasnt going to fight him. Frank then burned off out of the place,a nd the kid went off with missing teeth. kinda ironic he’s managed by suckpunch entertainment.

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