Report: Silva wants rematch Super Bowl weekend

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Speaking with Joe Rogan immediately following his loss to Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva was adamant that he didn’t want a rematch and didn’t want to fight for the title anymore. However a report today is that Silva has already changed his mind and is hoping to fight Chris Weidman again in February for the UFC’s big Super Bowl weekend card:

According to Lauro Jardim (@radaronline), from @Veja, sources close to Anderson Silva revealed he wants a rematch with Weidman on Feb. 2014

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Now the usual disclaimer. Guillerme Cruz is a respected in journalist in Brazil, however Twitter isn’t always the most accurate source of information. However, most fans and members of the media believe that is likley that after thinking it over Silva would want a rematch to avenge the worse loss of his career.