Report: Tank Abbott and Scott Ferozzo plan NHB bout in Ohio

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Joe Show Radio is reporting that David ‘Tank’ Abbott and Scott Ferrozzo have signed for a rematch, to be held in an Ohio strip club, streamed on the Internet, with pre Unified Rules. Abbott and Ferrozzo first fought at UFC 11 in 1996, with Ferozzo winning the brawl via knockout.

Given the stellar state of regulation in Ohio under the direction of Executive Director of the Ohio Athletic Commission Bernie Profato, the likelihood of the bout taking place as described is on the order of an actual Hitler sighting.

Oct. 30th: Ferrozzo vs Tank 2 (NHB rules)

From: grkblood
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Just got done talking to the manager of both Tank and Scott Ferrozzo. Here’s what I got so far.

The fight is taking place on October 30th in Dayton, Ohio at the old Dixie Cowgirls Night Club, address 5500 north dixie drive.

The club is an old strip club and the dancing stage will be converted into a fighting cage.

The fight will be using old school NHB (UFC 1) rules. Apparently the fight is only going to be stopped if one man is about to die I’m told.

Contracts are signed and money has been put into an escrow so it looks like this thing will be going down.

I’m told that this will be streamed live on the internet through the owner of the strip club’s company but I don’t have a link or anything yet. If and when I get one I’ll post it here.

Here’s an “interview” we did with both men over a year ago about this.

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