Report: Tank vs. Ferrozzo II fight actually happened

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Results of Tank vs Ferrozzo 2 (SPOILER)

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Tank won via decision. That’s all I know at the moment.

This is odd to me because it completely flies in the face of the rules they said they were going to fight by.

They fought 15 minutes straight with no winner and had a 3 minute overtime. Still no winner so it went to a judges decision. 3 judges picked a winner and tank won.

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There are a variety of messages on Ferrozzo’s facebook page that indicate this is more than an elaborate prank, although less than a legitimate, regulated bout.

Me an tank the nite before

“Thanks for all the support … True warriors face adversity head on… a warrior will never turn and run no mater what the odds are we don’t need the roar of the crowd , the lights, the cameras, all a warrior needs is heart and the desire to meet in the middle destroy or be distroyed”

Hey fb fans n friends…Scott needs a corner man, his ditched him n left him high n dry. Who can tape hands n work a corner? 

was a great fight and will be on internet for 10 bucks hopefully on Monday.