Report: Tate vs. Nakai in the works for UFC Fight Night Japan

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tonight it was reported that former title challenger Miesha Tate may be fighting the undefeated Queen of Pancrase, Rin Nakai at the UFC's return to Japan in September.'s Ariel Helwani reported the bout on Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight, although nothing is finalized as of this writing.

A UFC newcomer with a grappling heavy style, Nakai (16-0-1) became one of Pancrase's biggest and most curious draws over the last few years, defeating the likes of Tara LaRosa and Sarah D'Alelio while also finding herself the center of a last-second rule restriction controversy and starring in an utterly bizarre series of YouTube videos published under the official Pancrase account, which feature the thickly muscled 27-year-old performing often mundane tasks in various states of undress.

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Well since the article mentions a weird set of videos, mine as well check one out: