Reporter accidentally discovers ring card girl is an adult actress

Friday, October 21, 2011

ProElite 2.0 is garnering fan attention with a Win a Date with a ring card girl contest, and an online Ring Girl contest. WInners of the latter contest would work alongside the current ProElite ring card girls (see below) at the show in Moline, Illinois on November 5, 2011.

Image courtesy of (not sure how Tracy Lee took an image she is also in, but if anyone could do that, it is the hardest working lady in the fight business 🙂

An alert reporter over at MiddleEasy got a virus on his laptop that caused porn sites to involuntarily pop up on his browser, and discovered an astonishing resemblance between an adult actress and  ProELite ring card girl, and between their tattoos.


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A distraught VP of Fight Operations T Jay Thompson immediately took to twitter to announce his shock:

It was news to me. But I’m a big believer in first amendment freedoms. I support Paige in her decision to make a living anyway she chooses

I know one thing…Our “Win a date with a ProElite ring girl” just got a whole lot more popular!” 🙂

Heck, Arianny does Playboy. It’s in the same genre. Actually I kinda hope Arianny goes the same route.

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